Online casino: is there a chance to win?

There are mаny оnline cаsinos in the network. And they, like magnets, pull people to themselves, wanting to spend a thousand, and get – five. But is it possible to really have money from such casinos? And pretty big?
For now, let’s talk about simple casinos, where there are live people. Why are casinos created? For the good of the people? So that each person could get rich over time? But then is it not easier for the creators of online casinos to donate money to sick children or spend it on improving the environment? Of course, the casino win. And lose. Then it turns out that you win the money of those who lost them, since on average there are 4-5 losers per one winner. So the casino itself remains with its money. In this case, it is not too lazy to advertise themselves, praising the fact that it really win – so, he says, this comrade came with one note, and left with a bundle of money. And comrade goes and thinks that if he is lucky today, then tomorrow may well be lucky. Therefore, tomorrow he goes to the casino again and … loses everything that he won yesterday. Like this. The circulation of money in the casino – first carried away, then brought back.
But the online casino is really not a casino. This is such a program, and it can imitate a real casino: the cards are dealt, the ball rolls at roulette, chips, the table … Although the difference in the game in the hall and online is quite significant. From the atmosphere to the psychological mood of the players.
In a real cаsino, you can play against the players or against the dealer. Playing agаinst the dealer is risky. But to win, playing against the players there is a chance. In the оnline casino, for the most part, you оnly play with the program – it’s like a duel. And it’s hard to win here. And the casino does not like being beaten.

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