Bones – one of the most ancient games, was known in ancient Egypt. In the Roman Empire dice were played everywhere. The origin of the word craps is not precisely known. It is believed that the so-called winning combination of two units, similar to the eyes of a crab (French Crab) was called. Craps was the forerunner of the game Azar in the 18th century. In the 19th century, the game through the French colonists came to America, where it was somewhat modified to be called “craps.” At the beginning of the 20th century, a modern version of the game appeared in the USA, being played against the casino.
By the 30s of the 20th century, craps were played in all casinos of America, where it became the most popular casino game. In the 90s he lost some of his popularity. However, with the development of online casinos, it is becoming increasingly common. Online Craps delivers the same excitement and excitement, offering the possibility of betting on one or more bets, waiting for the next roll of dice.
At first, the rules for beginners may seem somewhat complicated and confusing, since the game is played in several stages and there are a large number of different bets. However, this is not quite true. It requires only knowledge of the rules, and so the game is quite simple. You do not need to make any calculations – place your bets and expect to win or lose. At the same time, the betting system itself is quite unique, since a number of bets are played several times. Moreover, some bets in general can be removed during the game. The game has a fairly large percentage of the return, although it varies depending on the type of bet.
The game itself is the game table on which bets are made. Two ordinary playing dice are thrown. The task is to get a winning combination at one of the stages of the game. It is clear that it can drop out in the sum from 2 (Two by one) to 12 (two by six).